Sunday Zoo by Sam Lee
Inspired by the concept of decentralization in blockchain technology, Artist Sam Lee (aka DJ Becareful) aims at co-creating an art-centric metaverse with like-minded people who share the same vision through BeLeeWorld, a place where art lovers and aspiring artists from all over the world can forge a community that works together on supporting art development and deciding art projects they wish to see and experience in both virtual and physical forms.

Sunday Zoo is the first of a series of NFT projects to be unveiled under the BeLeeWorld brand. The first NFT to be launched in Q2 0f 2022 is ARHAT, which is 3D animated, and will come in 4 rarities.

Each character is designed by hand with great attention to detail. Sam and the Sunday Zoo team are actively working on collaborations to bring the characters into the metaverse.

“Arhat’s mission is to bring happiness to the world! He has witnessed too many people being out of tune with their surroundings and feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So equipped with a lucky amulet given by the elders at Sunday Zoo, Arhat is getting ready to embark on an adventure in a new dimension filled with wonder and joy!”

#1. Drop of Arhat 3D Animated NFTs​
Q2 2022
#2. Airdrop of Arhat’s Wardrobe NFTs​
Q2 2022
#3. Drop of Customised Arhat NFTs
Q3 2022
#4. 3D Printed/physical figure of Arhat
Q3 2022
#5. Drop of Another Series of Sunday Zoo 3D Animated NFTs
Late 2022 - Early 2023
#6. Bring ARHAT to the metaverse
Late 2022 - Early 2023
#7. Building a community relating to fashion, toys, music and films, which is led by the NFT holders
Late 2022 - Early 2023
#8. Supporting artist to develop their career and publish their artworks
Late 2022 - Early 2023

Sam made his film debut in “Made in Hong Kong” which saw him secure the award for “Best New Performer” at the 1998 Hong Kong Film Awards. He has since taken part in over 100 films, and has more recently, delved into producing films as well as TV dramas.

Outside of his acting career, Sam also founded the fashion brand Subcrew and led a successful career in music and DJing. In more recent years, he has actively developed his passion for art, and is known as an artist who draws together a range of interests and projects, giving them meaning and purpose.

BeLeeWorld画板 5
Sam Creator
BeLeeWorld画板 1
Ray Captain
BeLeeWorld画板 2
Dyson 3D Renderer
BeLeeWorld画板 3
SW. 3D Modeler
BeLeeWorld画板 4
J. 2D Artist
BeLeeTeam画板 1 copy 2
Jane Project Director
BeLeeTeam画板 1
ML. Product Manager
BeLeeTeam画板 1 copy
Mandel Marketing Director
Atman Therios InfoSec
BeLeeTeam画板 1 copy 3
Kay Computer Engineer
Q: What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

Q: What does “Mint” mean?

NFT Minting is the process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the blockchain.

Q: When can I mint an Arhat?

Minting will be available from Thursday, 28 April 2022.

Q: How much will an Arhat cost?

WL Presale: 0.15 ETH
OG Presale: 0.18 ETH
Public Sale: 0.18 ETH

Q: How many Arhat will be available?

The total supply of Arhat is 888.

Q: What are the rarity levels?

There are 4 rarity levels in the first drop of ARHAT NFTs.

Holders of the RAREST Level of NFTs will be eligible to receive a FREE ARHAT tangible figurine.

Q: Which wallet will I be able to mint an NFT?

You can use Metamask and WalletConnect to mint an NFT.

Q: What are the royalties?

There is a 10% royalty.

Q: How can I get access to the whitelist?

You can get access to the whitelist by participating in giveaways on our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) and on our official Discord channel.

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